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[FbL012] Luca Nasciuti - Temporali

Luca Nasciuti's compositions are musical events, unfolding in time, much like natural phenomena. They conjure a world of glacial motion, of ebb and flow: evolving sound-worlds with their own biotic life span.
Each of these three new tracks deploys a sparing combination of timbres to evoke its unique musical milieu. Pan~ combines surging waves of white noise with occasional tintinnabulations, underpinned by a subliminal, granular murmur. This same sound - a sort of cosmic background radiationâpermeates both Ivory and Elegy, each of which features the filigree scrapings and dissonant drones of the cello, Nasciuti's instrument of choice. These fragments of sound index the musical soul of the instrument, its propensity for crepuscular melancholy. Elegy has an aptly sepulchral atmosphere, wrapped in the cello's warm string vibrations, and intermittently casting off brief harmonic flutters. The track coalesces into and concludes with a hesitantly bowed cadenza, and this peroration to the tentative musical gesture is taken up by the first track, Ivory, in which sweeping sonar pulses punctuate a dense patchwork of hammered, scraped and legato cello sounds, with mesmerizing results.

There are possible comparisons to be made between Nasciuti's music and that of other contemporary experimental sound artists, but for anyone wishing to explore this beguiling composer's work, these are merely signposts that fail to give a real sense of the distinctive nature of his sound world. Tactile and immersive, and with a highly organic sense of duration, Nasciuti's music enchants and captivates, gradually drawing the listener into its compelling and convincing universe.

Jonathan Gilhooly

Luca Nasciuti is a London based composer trained in electroacoustic composition, classical music, visual and performing arts. His work spans from installation, to video and performance art, focusing on the legacy between acoustic and electroacoustic sound, and the interplay of sonic and visual practices within site-specific contexts. He has been granted residencies for solo and collaborative projects in the UK and he is exhibiting and performing his works throughout Europe.

mastered by madSavVy Productions
photo by Alejandro Herrero Casajús
drawing by Luca Nasciuti
cover design by Leonardo Rosado
(cc) by nc nd April 2011


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